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Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinetry was first produced in the 1790s by an American religious group of the same name. The Shakers came to be identified with their simple lifestyle and master craftsmanship.

The design of all Shaker cabinets was built around the principles of solid woodworking craft and maximum functionality. To ensure sturdy, durable construction, only dovetailed joints were used. As a result, Shaker cabinetry endured, and today Shaker-style cabinets continue to be popular for their clean lines and uncomplicated design that fit almost any décor.

Typical costs of Shaker cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets have a wide range of prices depending on material, finish and manufacturer. Shaker cabinetry is typically made of solid wood, which can be more expensive than other materials. However, unlike more traditional styles, Shaker typically does not have unnecessary ornamentation, such as molding, trim and carving. Due to its clean design, Shaker cabinets will often be less expensive than other solid wood options.

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Like all types of cabinets, each Shaker cabinet price will depend on its size. There are both upper and lower cabinets that will range in size in width, height and depth. Wall Shaker cabinets can cost from $134 up to $600. Base cabinets are priced anywhere from $160 up to $900 per cabinet. The larger the cabinet, the more wood is used to build it, which results in a higher cost. Other features, such as glass doors, special hardware or additional accessories can also increase the price.

Who makes Shaker cabinets?

Shaker style cabinets have become one of the more popular styles on the market and are offered by many cabinet manufacturers. Since it is derived from traditional woodworking techniques, Shaker cabinetry is still being handmade by Amish communities and small woodworking shops. Smaller companies will often produce the best quality product but can take much longer to get and cost much more. Larger manufacturers such as Armstrong, Crown Point Cabinetry and In Stock Cabinets also carry Shaker-style cabinets that are less expensive and made overseas.

Types of materials and finishes

Since Shaker cabinets are being carried by more and more kitchen manufacturers, they are being offered in a wide variety of materials, finishes and colors. The highest quality Shaker cabinets are made with harder woods such as cherry or maple. However, cabinet manufacturers and suppliers now offer a large variety of wood species, including these popular types:

  • Walnut, clear walnut, black walnut
  • Clear pine, knotty pine
  • Plain sawn red oak, quartersawn red oak, qautersawn white oak
  • Sapele

The finish of Shaker cabinets is often natural to match the simple design. However, kitchen manufacturers also offer a number of different finishes, including wheat, sienna, café and cordovan, which are darker versions of the natural finish. Darker finishes are often used in contemporary or transitional homes as it gives an updated look to the traditional Shaker style.

How to get started

Shaker cabinets might be a good choice for homeowners who are not certain what their style is or for those who want a timeless look. The Shaker style complements traditional styles and fits perfectly into transitional and contemporary homes.

Looking at actual Shaker kitchens in person is a good way to get started. Seeing the cabinets themselves can give you a good idea of both craftsmanship and style options. You can use the form on this page to get started right away and find reliable, local contractors who can offer you specific options and pricing.