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Arched Cabinets

Arched cabinets, with their classic curve near the top of the door front, are a popular way to add style and sophistication to your kitchen.

While arched cabinets are considered classic and traditional, many cabinetry companies have expanded their lines to add a softer arch that fits a more casual kitchen design. According to Sarah Reep, director of designer education with KraftMaid Cabinetry, arch doors can take two forms:

  1. Roman style with a soft, gentle curve
  2. Cathedral style with a narrow curve and taller arch

Many homeowners prefer the clean, modern look of the Roman style, as it is less cluttered and works well with most door sizes and kitchen shapes, Reep said. Arched cabinets are used on the wall only and are best used in cabinets that are at least 15 inches wide.

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Arched cabinets are ideal for the following scenarios:

  1. Blending cabinetry details with nearby furniture pieces, for example, a kitchen hutch or family room sofa
  2. Balancing all those rectangular lines from the cabinets, appliances and countertop
  3. Coordinating with the lines of a kitchen window with a half radius

Reasonable cost for a favorite feature

The good news is that this rich, classic cabinet feature doesn't have to cost a fortune. Many cabinets found at home centers offer square or arched door styles in all but the most economical lines.

In most cases, you won't have to pay more for just the arch, but adding extra features, such as a warm brown glaze and 3-inch crown molding can add to the cost. This typically means moving up a level or two in the cabinetry line and paying 10 to 20 percent more. When buying mid-range cabinets that are 30-inches wide by 30-inches high, for example, the price would increase from $200 to between $220 and $240.

Also, many arched cabinets have to be ordered, so talk with your contractor about the two to four weeks leadtime.

Brands and certified construction

As you shop in home centers and talk with contractors, you might hear about many popular cabinet brands, such as Armstrong Cabinet Products, American Woodmark Corp., KraftMaid Cabinetry, MasterBrand Cabinetry, Merillat, and Wood-Mode.

When shopping, look for solid construction (plywood instead of particle board, for example) and industry certification from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer's Association (KCMA), a non-profit organization in Reston, Va. KCMA tests the door operation and the finish, adding a certification sticker inside the door for cabinets that pass the testing.

What works in materials, colors and stains?

Arched cabinets are found in most wood species, colors and stains, but work best when they can create a contrast. White laminate cabinets or dark wood cabinets provide a great backdrop for the detailing.

Cabinetry prices can vary based on the wood species, stain or glazing, so keep that in mind when selecting the finishing touches. Oak often is considered a standard wood while cherry, maple and mahogany are upgrades, priced at 10 to 25 percent more.

One hot trend is mixing and matching, where you use one wood species for the perimeter cabinets and another on the island. By using arched cabinets throughout the kitchen, you can help unify those two areas. When mixing and matching, keep these kitchen design tips in mind.

Where to buy/how to get started

Arched cabinets can quickly add style and transform your kitchen. Use the convenient form on this page to get product information and price quotes from reliable, local contractors.