Subway tiles and penny rounds

Myryah Irby

February 26, 2013

By: Myryah Irby, Home Renovation Enthusiast

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I know subway tiles are everywhere, but I like them, so they will also appear in our common bath.subway tile
As I mentioned earlier, we're keeping it very simple in the shared bath. The penny round tiles are ceramic matte. We wanted porcelain but they were about three times more expensive so ceramic will do just fine.paint colors and penny rounds
We've also selected our palate from Benjamin Moore's off white color collection. All walls will be painted Cloud Nine, and trim will be White Down. Not just in the bathrooms but everywhere. This keeps costs down, we'll add some color later.

We decided to forgo subway tile in the master bathroom when my husband found these beautiful black matte tiles.large black bathroom tiles
You may recall a previous post where I asked for opinions on bathroom tile designs. Shortly after that post my husband came across these tiles and got really excited. He designed a simple pattern and sent it to our contractor. I'll post some photos of the finished wall in the near future. We're sticking with white penny round floor tiles in the master bath too. Did I mention that our bathtub was delivered?

new bathtub
The clawfoot tub for the masterbath is still outside, looking lonely. Most of the lead paint has been chipped away. We're going to have it installed as is, mottled and unfinished, for a rough luxe look. For those unfamiliar with the term, as I was up until a few months ago when I thumbed through this book at a designer friend's home, it refers to an aesthetic that blends weathered minimalism and imperfection, often using natural elements... a sort of combo of time-worn, rustic and/or industrial elements sometimes with a hint of luxury or modern mixed in (sometimes not). It's easy enough to recognize even though I maybe didn't do such a great job describing it. Here's one of the houses we looked at early on that in my mind exemplifies the style.

rough luxe style
You can find this aesthetic all over the place in Brooklyn and New York, a restaurant in the Lower East Side called Freemans is a pretty good example. Our house is a little too contemporary and inelegant to harmonize with a rough luxe visual theme (or mise-en-scene for you film nerds)... but we're adding some of these elements anyway because we like the look. We'll see what happens.

Not sure how to wrap this up neatly so I'll just post some cute photos of my daughter.
girl on carpet

eating strawberries by the fire


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