Love at first sit: Sactionals living room furniture from Lovesac

Joan Fieldstone

February 9, 2015

By: Joan Fieldstone, Home Improv Advocate

In: Interior Design

You know those first stirrings when you realize you're falling in love? When you see the object of your affection, your heart goes thump, thump. Thump, thump. You long to be together.

I felt that way when I received a home décor catalog featuring living room furniture called Sactionals from Lovesac. I'm not sure how I got on their mailing list. It was like one of those Shakespearean comedies with mistaken identities and the wrong people meeting and falling in love. I checked to see if I'd received the neighbor's mail by accident, but whoever mailed it clearly knew Cupid's arrow would hit its mark with me.

More new home décor: Do I really need it?

I don't need new living room furniture. I'm happy -- or at least I was -- with my 1960's, fully restored, green nauga sofa bed I bought on Craigslist three years ago and my two occasional chairs. Nauga is scarred from the past year of dealing with the wrath of kitten claws, but I still love him. We've spent many happy evenings together curled up with the dog watching my favorite chick films on Netflix. I had just finished rearranging furniture again for the New Year, and I was really pleased…

green couch

...until Sac came along. It was as if John Hamm and George Clooney waltzed into my life at the same time. You can't stop thinking about them. And then you find out it's not just their looks -- it's how extraordinary and accomplished they are in real life. But enough fantasizing…

I needed to meet Sactionals in person. I drove 200 miles to the nearest Lovesac store. I was not disappointed. They were everything I could ever want in living room seating: handsome; well-built; accommodating; looking great either dressed up or down; and they clean up so nicely. Thump, thump. Thump, thump.

Sactionals: home décor for the way you live

So, what are these Sactionals? Are they just sectionals with a sacs-y name? Sort of, but so much more.

They are modular units that are as easy as Legos to configure and reconfigure. Two basic components fit together to form a modular seat: a base and a side. The base consists of the bottom of the seating portion, the seating cushion, and a loose pillow back that's the full width of the base. The side piece attaches to either the back or side of the base.

You can leave the side pieces off to use the base as an ottoman or as part of a sleep sofa configuration. Form separate chairs, loveseats, full-length sofas, a full-sized bed, chaises, theater seating -- pretty much anything that will fit in your room -- or house, for that matter, depending on how many pieces you purchase. The modules come in two different size proportions, so you choose the Sactionals size to accommodate either a large space or smaller living area -- or people. I'm a mere 5' tall, and the seat depth of many chairs and couches is too long for me to sit back without my knees in the middle of the seat. The smaller version of Sactionals is my perfect match.

lovesac furniture

You can start with just a couple of modules or else three bases and four sides. If you're feeling adventurous, five and five allow you plenty of room for experimentation, but you can always add on later. You'll have fun joining them all sorts of different ways.

Do you move house often? You can ship your Sactional pieces ahead by UPS to your new home so you'll have a place to sleep before the rest of your belongings arrive. You'll also never have to worry again that your living room sofa won't fit up the stairs or through the doors of your new apartment or house. Even if you stay put, you can carry the pieces all over the house and use them as extra beds for guests in a spare room, or as a cushy piece on which to curl up and read alone or with a friend. Put them together to form a chaise in the baby's room for nighttime nursing or bedtime stories. The romance comes full circle.

Sactionals have washable covers. Buy different sets for all seasons. They come in colors -- and prints, and different fabrics…

lovesac bed arrangement

I could go on and on -- a woman in love. They even have a lifetime warranty. It's a relationship meant for the long haul. I ask you, where can you find that sort of commitment these days?


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