January white sales: a cure for winter blues

Joan Fieldstone

January 21, 2014

By: Joan Fieldstone, Home Improv Advocate

In: Interior Design

January can be full of promise -- or a long, slippery slide into post-holiday gloom.

My year didn't start off too well. I lost a companion of almost 12 years to renal failure -- a black Bombay kitty named Cali, who slept by my side every night and gave my nose little goodnight kisses. It was unbearable to look at the place where she snuggled up next to me every night.

black cat

I strongly believe that a change of scenery can provide new perspectives, and a fresh perspective can help turn endings into beginnings. I decided a bedroom facelift might help me see bedtime in a new light. After a monumental veterinary bill, however, I was leery about spending a fortune on bedding. Luckily, January means white sales.

If you are unfamiliar with the January white sales -- and if it still happens to be January when you read this blog -- head to the nearest store that sells bedding, towels, and linens to see what I'm talking about. This is the time of year to buy new sheets, comforters, quilts, pillows, towels -- in fact, almost anything made of fabric to adorn your home, especially your bed and bath. And while bed linens used to be exclusively white when this tradition originated, they are now every color you can imagine. Shopping the white sales in January can help you cast out the winter blues.

I found my inspiration in an indigo duvet cover and pillow shams with stylized turquoise blossoms reminiscent of the Marimekko fabrics I so loved in the '60s. Marked down from $100 to $70, it was a must-have. It's the color of the evening sky just before it turns to night. Turquoise is another favorite color of mine. It turns up in accent pieces all over my house.

blue bedding

The new duvet cover makes my old duvet cover available for re-purposing as a slipcover for the tiny futon in my home office. The old duvet print is a gentle green with a leaf design in black and blue-gray. It will enhance the office atmosphere while keeping it tranquil enough for me to work and think. The rest of my house is lively enough if I crave stimulation.

But I didn't stop there. I didn't want the dog to ruin the new duvet cover, so I picked up a turquoise quilt at 50% off (only $25) to cover the bed when the dog wants to lounge during the day.

But I didn't stop there, either. I bought a bed. My bed, quite honestly, was seven years past its 10-year expiration date. Fortunately, I received a notice for a 50% off mattress sale, which is the only time to buy one. They are just way too expensive otherwise. I cannot wait until the bed is delivered. It will be like sleeping on a cloud.

But I didn't stop there, either. Something was still missing.

Best deal of January and best return on investment -- FREE to a good home with an awesome bed -- three adorable kittens!

kittens and dog

I give the new bedding about a week before it's trashed, but the kitty kisses are priceless.


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