How to make an AirBnb guest guide and house manual

Matthew Grocoff

November 26, 2015

By: Matthew Grocoff, Green Renovation Expert

In: Green Living

AirBnb has become an extraordinary way to be part of the sharing economy, earn extra cash, and stay in places that put most hotels to shame. I frequently use AirBnb when traveling and found it much more pleasant and received better customer service than at many upscale hotels. It is my experience as an AirBnb Traveler that has made me a better AirBnb host.

Like a fine hotel concierge, a superior AirBnb host provides information for the guests that exceeds expectations and makes a visit relaxing, easy and special. A good first step is providing guests with a printed guide to all the basics of their stay.

Here's some tips on making a perfect guide for your guests:

Compelling cover page with most important information

AirBnB guest guide

Create a welcoming front page that contains the information that guests will most likely need. Only put basic information. The guests won't read it if there is too much information on the front page. Put things like the Wifi password, door codes, and contact phone numbers right up front.

Phone, emergency contacts, and WiFi passwords

Important information should be repeated throughout the guide. Make it easy to read without too much clutter. Create a full page with your cell phone, email, and other emergency contact information. Repeat the WiFi password and login; your guests will appreciate not having to ask you for it.

Getting around

Guest who are new to your town will want to know how to get around. Provide a list with phone numbers for taxis, buses and shuttles. Let them know good walking and biking routes and share information about bike share or bike rental programs if they are available. If there's a good running route you like, share it with guests. Guests will also want to know whether UBER, Lyft, or other services are good in your area. Let them know the best way to get to trains stations or airports.

How to find and use stuff

Grocoff appliances AirBnB

There's nothing more frustrating to guest than when they can't figure out where the coffee maker is or how to use it. Provide a list of all the appliances with instructions on how to use them if it's not self-explanatory.

Provide list of favorite places

AirBnB Grocoff hosting guide

Guests really appreciate advice on where you love to eat, drink, and shop. If a guest needs a drug store or a dry cleaner, it's really nice if the information is easy to find in a complete guide. Maps are a wonderful bonus. I stayed at an AirBnb in Brazil that had a framed Google Map of all of their favorite places to shop and eat.

Use lots of photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use photos and maps to help explain things to your guest. It's easier to flip through and glance at photos than it is to sift through and read paragraph after paragraph of boring text.

Make a professional print

Have your welcome guide professionally printed. For under $10 you can have a full-color, high-quality bound booklet to provide your guests. Save the original digital document and be sure to update it and reprint it as information changes (i.e. door codes, WiFi passwords, or a new restaurant opens in town). Make sure it is always up to date.

You can learn more about hosting on Airbnb here.

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