How to get a backyard makeover on a budget

Ginger Dean

August 11, 2015

By: Ginger Dean, Home Finance Specialist

In: Landscaping and Pools

It's summer time and that means Americans all across the country are spending time outside with family and friends. Summer BBQs, pool parties, and weekends in the backyard are all great ways to spend summer nights. But what if your backyard isn't exactly party-ready?

Your backyard may be in desperate need of a makeover but you've been putting it off because you just don't have a big budget. Don't worry. Giving your yard a makeover doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

Here are four ways to spruce up your backyard space so you can get the most out of it and maximize your time outside this summer.

Make that green grow

If your backyard is less than beautiful you can make it luscious without having to spend money on replacing the sod; all you have to do is work with what you've got. Sometimes all your lawn needs is a little TLC in the form of water, growth serum, and seed.

Companies like Miracle Grow can help your backyard look brilliant with lawns as green as a professional football field. You can find a variety of products to help everything from your grass to your flowers flourish.

Add some color to your yard

It's nice to have a greener than green lawn and lots of trees for shade in the summer sun but if you want to give your backyard a true makeover add in a pop of color. No one is suggesting you need to spend hundreds of dollars on orchids and other expensive flowers.

Gladiolus, daylilies, and tulips can all be purchased for under $20 at Home Depot. Keep in mind that planting annual flowers means they're only good for one season and have to be replanted every year. Consider planting perennials that continuously bloom each and every year.

Create a tranquil space

If you love spending time in your backyard with family and friends think about adding spaces you can gather around, like a fire pit, or that act as a conversation piece, such as a pond. Of course adding a pond with running water to your backyard can be costly, but only if you let it be.

According to This Old House, adding a 40 foot pond to your backyard can cost as little as $100 and takes approximately six hours. Adding stone with water is a great start. You can also enhance it by adding live fish and plants.

Keep up the maintenance

Sprucing up your yard and forgetting about it is a costly mistake. If you don't want to see your time and money wasted it's important to maintain your lawn all year round. Cutting your lawn regularly, making sure it stays watered, and continuously spreading fertilizer will help your lawn stay beautiful and keep your backyard makeover looking good all summer long.


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