Drywall dust and dance parties

Myryah Irby

February 13, 2013

By: Myryah Irby, Home Renovation Enthusiast

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Hi, home renovation enthusiasts, friends and family. Things are shaping up at the country house. The last time I wrote I mentioned that we are going broke paying for propane (over $600 in January) but also enjoying cozy fires and funny puppet shows (Barbie's into potty humor... I always suspected it).

The girls and I only made it up once in January because there is drywall dust everywhere. And no bathtub, shower, bathroom sink, etc. (including bathroom door), ergo once you get dusty, you stay dusty. Also not ideal for entertaining. My husband usually drives up during the week to plaster, paint, go to the hardware store and drink beer. I'm envious, though it's nice to have a few nights here in Brooklyn with just me and my daughters. We invite girlfriends over for dinner and dance parties. We've had a lot of dance parties lately, both in Brooklyn, and upstate.

I guess I should post a photo or two.
view of bedrooms from hallway
That little alcove above the closet was supposed to be for storage, but now we're thinking sleeping loft. It's so cozy up there! Ultimately it will depend on how much storage space we need. If I were in charge, we would need next to none. (I am not in charge.) I like to travel light.

bedroom under construction
Our bed's going right below the skylight. There was a full moon during my last visit and it was perfectly framed by the bedroom windows. Nice surprise!
newly built addition
I have a few more things to say but maybe I'll write a quick post tomorrow instead, I have to wrap this up before I jump into meetings for the rest of the day. Oh, what would life be like without meetings? At least there are no meetings on the weekends. This is what we do on the weekends.

dancing in the kitchen

to be dancing in the kitchen


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