Amazing new skylight doesn't require sunlight (and never leaks)

Matthew Grocoff

January 6, 2015

By: Matthew Grocoff, Green Renovation Expert

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Sunlight is vital to a happy home. Homes with good natural daylight sell for more than those that are dark and dreary. Nothing lives without sunlight. So it makes sense that we crave the sun and we feel good in well-lit rooms.

The skylight is the go-to solution for spaces in our homes where we can't fit a good window or windows don't provide enough light. There are even tubular skylights that will bring light into the darkest parts of our homes. So, what do we do when we have a space where we just can't reach the sun? There are spaces where we want the appeal of a skylight but have nowhere to put one.

ArborLight is introducing the LightWell, a revolutionary new light fixture that mimics a true skylight. Until now, fake skylights have looked . . . well . . . fake. The LightWell is different and is set to become the most natural feeling artificial light to ever hit the commercial retail and the consumer home improvement market.

A typical artificial skylight is nothing more than a skylight glass with a few light bulbs in it. The problem is that artificial lights have always been static and offer only one light level, one light color and one light angle. However, sunlight is constantly changing based on time of year and time of day. The light dances across a room as the sun rises and sets. The color of the light changes from a high color temperature of blue during midday to a low color temperature of yellow and orange as the sun sets.

The LightWell uses the latest in smart lighting technology to create a remarkably close approximation of the sun. It tracks the position of the sun based on your location to emulate daylight throughout the day. It recesses into a ceiling in just about any room, including the darkest basements, bathrooms or closets.

The LightWell installs like a light fixture but looks just light a skylight. It can be controlled via wifi for complete customization through your smart phone, tablet or computer.

The LightWell is listed at $1,000. While that's a bit pricier than some light fixtures, it's less expensive than some skylights and comes with an inherent guarantee that it won't leak.

Most importantly, there's finally a way to get the benefits of daylight where skylights or windows just aren't an option.

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