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Myryah Irby

October 19, 2012

By: Myryah Irby, Home Renovation Enthusiast

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In my last post I shared a few photos of the interior of our new house, today we'll talk floor plan. Below is an early sketch of the current floor plan, plus potential addition. The existing structure is outlined in black.original floor plan

As you can see above, the house currently has one bathroom and two bedrooms, which technically aren't considered bedrooms because they don’t have closets. What you can't see is how ridiculous the existing bathroom is (future post) or how brown the carpet is in bedroom 1. Also of note: there is only one small closet in the entire house.

The addition will include two bedrooms and a master bathroom, adding up to around 800 square feet, and bringing the total square footage to around 2,000. The girls will continue to share a bedroom until they request otherwise, so we’ll use the existing rooms as an office/guest room and a second guest room/something else. I’m pretty stoked about having two guest rooms. My husband is… less stoked. I think the word he used was “flophouse.” Whatever, I love house guests!

We've adjusted the floor plan several times. Here's the most recent version showing just the addition and the remodeled existing bathroom:

revised floor plan

A few notes about the addition:

    • We don’t like hallways, especially not dark hallways. We couldn’t figure out a way to eliminate the hallway altogether, so we decided to enlarge the door to the master bedroom and move the existing sliding glass door from the living room to the wall directly across from the doorway. The sliding glass door in question is currently located on the eastern wall of the living room/the western wall of the future master bathroom. There are two more sets of sliding glass doors in the living room (and one in the kitchen) so we weren't too concerned about losing sunlight (or egress) by removing one.

    • I love sliding barn doors. We're definitely planning to install one between the master bedroom and bathroom, and possibly as the main door to the master bedroom. We may even make the doors out of some of the salvaged wood siding

    • The existing (totally weird) bathroom will be broken into a smaller bathroom, hallway and laundry room.

The plan above doesn't include everything on my wishlist, most non-essentials were cut for budget reasons (apparently a shuffleboard court falls into this category). I've made my peace with most of the cuts, except for the outdoor hot tub. Is there anything better than a rousing evening of shuffleboard followed by a late night soak under the stars? I've been assured that we'll add the hot tub in country house v.2, or after our next big Keno payout.


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