4 cheap DIYs that add color to your yard

Ginger Dean

April 28, 2016

By: Ginger Dean, Home Finance Specialist

In: Landscaping and Pools

If you're suddenly in the mood to clean, organize, and redecorate your home, you're probably in the midst of spring fever. While you've got all this productive energy, don't forget to give your yard some love.

The backyard often gets neglected because makeovers and maintenance are perceived to be a lot of hard work and cost a lot of money. And sure, working outside in the hot sun can be seen as either a benefit or a disadvantage depending on your preferences, but it's a myth that your backyard makeover has to cost big bucks.

Here are four ways to spruce up your backyard on the cheap:

Plant a vegetable garden

Planting a vegetable garden doesn't have to be expensive and it can save money on your weekly grocery bill. Although this is the DIY project that probably requires the most physical labor, it can also be the most rewarding in the form of fresh summer vegetables.

You can plant seeds for underground vegetables such as carrots and onions. Above ground vegetables such as peas and tomatoes are a little bit more expensive to get started because they require materials such as racks and wire fences to grow on. But it's still cheaper than buying tomatoes at the grocery store all summer.

Add color with flowers

If you don't exactly have a green thumb, don't worry. Gardening isn't for everyone. You can add color with flower pots instead. Placing several pots together in a cluster brings life to an otherwise barren backyard.

You can purchase flower pots at IKEA for as low as $1.99. Then you can add bulbs or seeds from a local nursery, home garden store, or supermarket. If you want instant gratification you can buy already bloomed flowers, but it will be a bit more expensive.

Pressure wash your deck

Sometimes giving the backyard a good scrubbing can be a big improvement to the ambiance. You can rent a pressure washer for $39 a day from The Home Depot. Getting all the grime, dirt, and salt off your deck or patio from the winter also helps the wood last longer.

If you want to be even more adventurous you can stain the wood to give it a new look. Behr Weatherproofing Wood Finish can be purchased at The Home Depot for around $31 a can.

Add outdoor lighting

Adding outdoor lighting can transform your backyard living space into a relaxing space for entertaining.

Stringing patio lights, adding a fire pit, and installing tiki lanterns can help decorate and give functionality to your space. Now you have twice the amount of time to spend in your space both day and night.

Owning a home is great and giving your backyard space a DIY makeover helps make the most out of your investment. Being able to do it all on a budget is just frosting on the cake.


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