What's your home (and remodeling) style?

Shannon Lee | Improvement Center Columnist | August 24, 2015

What do you really want out of your home? Is it a place for entertaining friends? A place for family to gather? The home where you will live out your golden years?

Once you have determined what you really want, you will have a better idea as to where home improvement funds should go. This home style quiz can uncover your true goals for the home, as well as help you decide what to do with your remodeling money in the coming years.

So without further ado - what's your home style? The following questions can help you decide what your home says about you, and give you some ideas as to how to decorate or enhance it.

1. Your dream kitchen consists of…

  1. High-end appliances, granite countertops, and maybe even some high-tech options
  2. A huge island and breakfast bar with plenty of room to mingle
  3. A simple, serviceable kitchen with in-kitchen seating, no dining room required
  4. Plenty of room and fun gadgets and amenities, such as a hands-free faucet

2. Your ultimate bathroom looks like…

  1. Something out of the most recent "Architectural Digest" magazine
  2. A large spa area, with plenty of storage room for extra towels for guests
  3. Plenty of convenience - and don't forget the double sinks
  4. A place of ease, including a walk-in shower and other family-friendly amenities

3. The living room should be used for…

  1. Showcasing the antiques or modern art that you have collected over the years
  2. A place for guests to mingle before the big dinner party
  3. Kids playing video games, watching television, or otherwise relaxing and having a good time
  4. Wide open space that is versatile enough to do anything you want it to do

4. Your deck should be the place where…

  1. You retreat to use the hot tub or enjoy the outdoor shower after a long, hard swim in the pool
  2. You grill, dance to tunes, hang with friends - the party is here!
  3. You make memories with intimate groups of friends around the fire pit
  4. You sit and watch the sunset or the sunrise; a comfortable spot for everyone in the family

5. You have $10,000 to drop on a home improvement project. You choose to…

  1. Spring for the best marble floors in the bathroom, or maybe that granite countertop in the kitchen
  2. Install that outdoor kitchen you have always dreamed about
  3. Expand a bedroom or turn that little-used closet into a half-bath
  4. Reconfigure the kitchen with pull-out shelves, easy-to-use appliances, and wide walkways

6. Your ultimate dream home has certain perks, such as…

  1. A soaking tub, imported marble, massive views, and a top-notch security system
  2. A huge dining room, suites for your guests, and maybe even a home movie theater
  3. Plenty of bedrooms, a complete and fully-furnished basement, and lots of light
  4. Wide hallways, handsome outdoor lighting, and a small elevator

7. Your home improvement skill level is…

  1. Picking up the phone to call the best contractor recommended by your friends
  2. Letting others do the heavy lifting, while you do the serious decorating
  3. Pulling some DIY duty, but knowing when to let the professionals step in
  4. Doing intense research into the best options and hiring a well-vetted contractor

How to score your quiz

Now tally up your answers. What does your home say about you?

If you answered mostly "A": Your home should be a luxurious getaway that makes you feel like royalty. If money were no object, you would have the most opulent home on the block, or in the state, for that matter. When remodeling, narrow your focus and funds down to a few must-have luxuries that make you feel special.

If you answered mostly "B": You have a knack for entertaining, and your friends and family love it! From loud celebrations on the deck to intimate dinner parties, you always have someone coming over. Your remodels should include more seating, a game room, and perhaps even an outdoor kitchen.

If you answered mostly "C": You're a homebody who loves to live in a warm, cozy, and comfortable place. Your style is more of the "stay in" type that can easily walk away from a party invite. For that reason, your remodels should focus on the things that make you most comfortable, such as creating a cozy reading nook or sprucing up the master bedroom.

If you answered mostly "D": You are forward thinking and plan well for the future. You are prepared to relinquish the "cool for now" things in order to have the "we'll enjoy this forever" kind of mindset. To that end, your remodels should focus on universal design, so you can enjoy them much longer.

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