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Are you and your bathroom sink compatible?

One of the most-frequently replaced items in a bathroom remodel is the sink. In fact, many bathroom remodels replace a single sink with a double sink vanity, which often improves domestic tranquility. When you're shopping for a new bathroom sink, you have more choices today than ever before.

Sink styles

Depending on the rest of your bathroom décor, there are a variety of sink styles from which to choose:

  1. Pedestal: a standalone sink mounted on a pedestal
  2. Undermount: attached to the underside of the cutout in the top of a vanity, with the countertop overlapping part of the sink's rim
  3. Drop-in: rests in the cutout with a lip that folds over the countertop
  4. Vessel: can either sit atop the vanity or be mounted on the wall
  5. Integrated sink and countertop: made of cultured marble or composite material molded into the countertop in one continuous piece
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Sink shapes include round, square, rectangular and oval. Vessel sinks are becoming increasingly popular, and they add a special touch of elegance to your bathroom. Faucets finish off the style statement and can be found in a wide variety of shapes and materials. You can choose faucets with separate hot and cold knobs or a single control.

Sink materials and colors

Sinks are constructed from the following popular materials:

  1. Porcelain
  2. Ceramic
  3. Cast iron
  4. Stainless steel
  5. Glass
  6. Copper
  7. Bronze
  8. Granite
  9. Vitreous china

Porcelain, ceramic, cast iron and stainless steel are most often used for undermount, drop-in or pedestal applications. The other materials are more commonly found in vessel sinks. Although white is a popular color for porcelain and ceramic sinks, many colors are available. Glass vessel sinks have the greatest variety in colors, patterns and textures.

Manufacturers and costs

There are a number of established manufacturers of bathroom sinks and fixtures who have excellent reputations and solid warranty policies on their products. The most well-known of manufacturers are these recognizable names:

  • American Standard
  • Crane
  • Eljer
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kohler

In addition, these manufacturers make only faucets:

  • Delta
  • Moen
  • Price Pfister

Under counter sinks start at around $60. Drop-in and pedestal sink prices begin at approximately $100. Vessel sinks are the most expensive, starting at about $125. Depending on the materials you choose and the design, a bathroom sink can cost over $1,000.

In some cases the faucets and drains may be bundled with the sink, but for the most part they must be purchased separately. Make sure that the faucet you choose is compatible with your sink. Faucet styles are center-set, single-handle; two-handle; widespread; mini-widespread and single-hole. Two-handle faucets are the least expensive starting at around $50. Single-handle and single-hole models begin at around $90, while widespread and mini-widespread cost from $125 up. Most sinks and fixtures are available at home improvement and plumbing stores.

If plumbing is not your area of expertise, you may want to hire a contractor to install your new bathroom sinks. Get referrals from someone you trust, like a neighbor, friend, or relative who is satisfied with a contractor's work. If you don't have such a source, you can use the form on this page to get started finding local contractors.