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Real estate listings often refer to household bathrooms as either half bath, or full bath. Bathrooms are ranked one-quarter for each of their main fixtures: a bathroom with just a toilet and a sink--two quarters--is a half bath, whereas a bathroom with a toilet, tub, shower and sink--four quarters--is a full bath.

The cost of adding a full bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your house can increase the overall value of your home, while improving the convenience and functionality of your home's interior floor plan. You can expect to pay at least $13,000 for a new or renovated bathroom, but overall costs can reach as high as $40,000, depending on the size of the bathroom, and the types of finishes and fixtures that you choose.

The right fixtures make the bath

When selecting fixtures for your bathroom, try to choose quality brands that are well known for reliable and long-lasting functionality. Manufacturers such as Kohler, Moen, Toto and American Standard have been making quality bathroom fixtures for decades. Their products and replacement parts are widely available at home improvement warehouses, local hardware stores and plumbing supply dealers.

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In addition to purchasing a toilet, sink, shower, and tub for your new bathroom, you will also need to buy faucets, a shower head, an exhaust fan, wall-mounted towel bars and hooks, as well as a vanity, which is an under-the-sink storage cabinet. Although these items range in price from inexpensive to astronomical, it is important that you choose products that can withstand the daily wear and tear that normal bathrooms undergo. Beyond functionality, you can add luxurious items, such as heated towel bars, under-floor heat mats, jacuzzi tubs and steam showers, all of which add to the overall cost of your new bathroom.

Size and floor plans for a full bath

When deciding on a floor plan for your new bathroom, it is important that each fixture have enough room to remain functional and accessible. At bare minimum, a full bathroom should be at least 6-feet-by-10-feet, which would accommodate only a tub/shower combo unit, instead of a stand alone tub and separate shower. Keep in mind, bathrooms that are too small, or those that have awkward floor plans can become a daily inconvenience for homeowners and might lessen the home's appeal to future buyers.

Getting help for your bathroom renovation

Although an architect or contractor may be the best source of information when designing your new bathroom, you may be able to successfully complete the project with the help of a licensed plumber and a qualified salesperson from a plumbing supply warehouse. Due to the amount of plumbing and wiring that a full bathroom requires, most homeowners are not qualified to tackle the entire job on their own. Use the form on this page to get your project started right!