8-part series on building a master bath

This illustrated eight-part series and side articles, provides details and tips for deconstructing and renovating a 1980s' master bathroom.

before bathroom remodeling   vanity after bathroom remodeling

Vanity area before and after bathroom remodeling


Part 1: Prep and tools. The work begins by tearing out the cracked fiberglass shower stall and repairing some minor water damage. Included is a list of handy tools for deconstruction.

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Part 2: Deconstruction. The old toilet, vanity, mirror and floor come out as the deconstruction continues.

Part 3: Plumbing changes. We begin rebuilding, making alterations to the plumbing to accommodate a custom-built shower pan and replacing the water-control valve for the new faucet. We include a list of tools for the home plumber.

Part 4: Shower and drywall. We create the new shower pan and stall, then lay a pebble floor and marble walls. This section includes articles on drywall repair, special tips for laying mosaic tiles and tools needed for do-it-yourself tiling.

Part 5: Heated floors. Warm bathroom floors are so glorious. We create one - a thermostatically controlled heated marble floor.

Part 6: Vanities and cabinets. We install the new vanities, including leveling and connecting the two base-cabinet pieces.

Part 7: Countertops. With the vanities in place, the countertop is next. We install the plywood and backerboard base, cut holes for the two sinks, and lay the marble tile.

Part 8: Finishing. We finish by installing the toilet, sinks and mirror. Included: a breakdown of the $5,000 budget.

About the Author

Jim Mallery, a serial remodeler for 35 years, has learned oodles from his mistakes.