6 ways to make the most of a tiny backyard

  • 6 ways to make the most of a tiny backyard

    | Improvement Center Columnist | June 28, 2016

    backyard patio
    If you’re a city dweller there’s a good chance the size of your backyard, if you’re lucky enough to even have one, is on the smaller side. But like the old proverb: good things come in small packages; a small backyard can be a lovely, intimate oasis. Here are 6 ideas for making the most out of your outdoor space.

  • Mirror mirror

    | Improvement Center Columnist | June 28, 2016

    Trick the eye:
    You can make your yard appear larger than it is by strategically hanging a few mirrors on walls or fences.  Angle them to reflect the surrounding plants and foliage, magnifying greenery and adding depth.

  • A pop of color

    | Improvement Center Columnist | June 28, 2016

    burning bush
    Let it burn:
    If you only have enough room for a few plants, make them showstoppers. The fiery Burning Bush is a deciduous shrub that gets its name from the brilliant shade of its red fall leaves. The Burning Bush adapts to a variety of soils and climate conditions and can be grown in almost any area of the country. You'll look forward to fall just to enjoy the amazing color.

  • Edible garden

    | Improvement Center Columnist | June 28, 2016

    edible garden
    Veg out.
    Container gardening is a great way to create layers of greenery. And why not make your garden edible? Fresh herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, and other plants that enjoy climbing are a perfect fit for a smaller garden.  Companies like Minifarmbox specialize in products for small produce gardens. Ideally, most vegetables want six to eight hours of full sun, so depending on your light situation, you may opt to put your bed on wheels so that you can move it around to chase the sun.

  • Add bamboo

    | Improvement Center Columnist | June 28, 2016

    bamboo fence
    Create a natural fence:
    If privacy is an issue, plant bamboo as a lush and quick alternative to a fence, or to mask an unsightly one. Bamboo is fast growing and very low maintenance. Beware, though, some varieties of bamboo are invasive, so choose wisely in order to keep it from overtaking your backyard, or spreading to your neighbor’s.

  • Just add light

    | Improvement Center Columnist | June 28, 2016

    backyard lights
    Light it up:
    Outdoor or patio string lights are a wonderful may to brighten up your outdoor space and make it feel festive. Also, they are inexpensive and can be installed easily. You can hang strands of light in rows or a criss cross pattern, wrap lights around a tree or bush, or both. Get creative and make the space yours. And no need to stick with basic white lights, or standard shapes. Try pink lights for a soft, romantic mood, old lanterns for a vintage feel, or fun shapes (palm trees, unicorns) to match your interests and personality. 

  • Sway a little

    | Improvement Center Columnist | June 28, 2016

    backyard hammock
    Kick back:
    I was hanging out with a friend in my yard recently when he said, “Is there any reason that you don’t have a hammock?” There wasn’t. I bought one the following week. Most people think two sturdy, well-placed trees are necessary in order to enjoy a hammock, not so. You can affix one end to the back of your house, and the other to a pole or secure structure. If you don’t have one, make one. Dig a hole, pour some concrete, affix a pole, it’s easy. Hammocks can be strung up and removed in minutes, making them perfect for small backyards.

    These are just a few ideas for maximizing the outdoor space you have available. By using your space wisely, you'll have a relaxing, green space to call your own without giving up the concrete jungle.