10 simple decorating tips for 4th of July

Shannon Lee | Improvement Center Columnist | July 2, 2015

Are you looking forward to celebrating Independence Day with friends and family, but the idea of decorating for the occasion makes you want to ditch the holiday altogether? Though 4th of July is a great time to celebrate the birth of our nation while getting in some quality time with those who matter most, the preparations for hosting can be daunting.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. Decorating for a 4th of July party can be much simpler than you ever dreamed, and it might even be a great deal cheaper, too. It all starts with an eye toward simple, inexpensive decor for your home, plus fun events that keep the party moving until the fireworks boom.

Planning out an awesome Independence Day

Our country's big day is all about celebrations, but that doesn't have to mean over-the-top themes and pricey catering. Keeping the focus on having fun and enjoying the company is more than enough to give everyone at the party a warm and fuzzy feeling - and then the fireworks can end festivities with a blast of patriotic pride.

This year, help everyone have a great time with these easy, inexpensive ideas.

  1. Keep the party outside. An outdoor celebration is usually much cheape, because you don't have to deal with the added expense (and stress!) of cleaning every nook and cranny of your house. Set up lawn chairs or pull out your old kitchen chairs, use a picnic table to hold the food, and settle in for a nice night.
  2. Break out the red, white, and blue. Most people have these colors somewhere in their home already. Rather than head out to the store to buy everything, why not scour your house for items in shades of the flag? Candles, placemats, rugs, pillows, and even picture frames can be used to liven up the party space.
  3. Create patriotic lights. Remember the white holiday lights you tucked away in the attic? Now is the time to break those out! String them up where you will be celebrating, and create "lanterns" with red, white and blue craft paper, a hole punch and some glue. Put a lantern over each light for instant DIY awesomeness.
  4. Go with flower power. If you love to host the 4th of July party every year, plan out your garden with the tradition in mind. Flowers in shades of the flag can be placed in jars or used as towering centerpieces; if you're generous with your green thumb, these can even be given to guests at the end of the night.
  5. Decorate your trees. Or your porch railing, or your stairs. Simple, inexpensive crepe paper streamers, wrapped around anything that catches the eye, can enhance the look of your home without costing more than a few dollars.
  6. Spray paint the flag on your lawn. Got a big yard? Make it patriotic this year by creating the stars and stripes there. Red, white, and blue spray paint on your lush green canvas can make for a memorable sight. Create a frame for the painting with strips of wood, and cut stars out of cardboard. Take your time!
  7. Make patriotic containers. Break out the craft paper again, only this time use it to cover recycled containers, such as oatmeal boxes or coffee cans. The result: Festive holders that corral all the napkins, plastic utensils, and more in one convenient place.
  8. Everybody gets sparklers! For a sit-down potluck dinner, mark each place setting with a box of sparklers, complete with the guest's name drawn on the front. When it starts to get dark, ask guests to use the sparklers to light the inexpensive candles you have scattered around the yard.
  9. Spruce up the tables. Speaking of dinner, make sure your tables have the patriotic theme. You can do this with crepe paper gathered and taped to the edges, craft paper in the proper colors used as runners, or even a new coat of red, white and blue paint on that old picnic table.
  10. Fly Old Glory. This is the one thing you absolutely must have for your Independence Day party. Even if it's a small version, flying the American flag is the only decor item you cannot go without. Choose the largest flag and pole that suit your budget, and fly it with pride!

Your Independence Day party will set the stage for the fireworks that boom overhead when the time is right. Whether you will be firing off the sparks in your own backyard or heading out to a big show after the party, you can do so without stressing about all the money spent -- because these inexpensive ideas gave you the freedom to simply breathe, relax, and enjoy the evening.

Photo credit to Kevin Irby

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