Window shades: control and a vanishing act

Window shades picture
Window Shades Picture
Window Shades Picture
Window shades picture
Window Shades Picture
Window Shades Picture

Window shades provide thermal control, privacy, or a splash of color when down, then are all but invisible when raised. The exception to "out of sight, out of mind," shades are Roman styles, which gather atop your windows with a saucy fan of looped or draping fabrics, then drop straight down to show their gathered wings in detail.

If the last window shade you saw was the spring-loaded rollers in Aunt Emma's guest room, look again. Choices include pleated shades with single or multiple cell insulating abilities. You can find options allowing you to pull them down for daytime sun control or pull them up for night-time light blocking. You can also find durable, synthetic vaned shades with varying degrees of translucency. Some have fabric vanes between two sheer fabrics, and the vanes can be opened or closed. When it comes to window shades, you'll find options that can keep your shades from omnipresent to practically vanishing.


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  • Jezus

    19 August 2013 at 9:58 am

    Once I saw what they did, Guardian's in-wall hookup is a total riopff. What you get are two holes in the wall with cables run up through. You can buy wall grommet kits on Amazon (along with much cheaper cabling) and DIY, just be sure to get extra power outlets where you're getting cable and/or hanging a TV. They won't move the standard ones.The only time I can see the hanging TV prewire be worth it is if you're hanging a TV above the fireplace.The surround speaker cable runs are nice though, nice terminal plates on both ends.

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