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  • House sounds that should worry you

    Most home concerns are pretty simple to solve, but some of the sounds your home makes should make you sit up and pay attention. Here are the noises that mean your house is trying to tell you something.

  • Home inspection fail: electrical, plumbing, and roofing, oh my!

    Home inspectors turn up problems you may never have known about otherwise. So what are the most common problems they find? Some are relatively cheap to repair; others may send buyers running from the house.

  • 5 strange house sounds explained

    Those strange sounds coming from your house send shivers up your spine. But it doesn't mean you have a ghost - or even necessarily a broken-down home. Here are five explanations for the spooky sounds you hear.

  • 5 energy-efficient upgrades for landlords

    If you've been lucky enough to scoop up a great deal on a property and you're planning to rent it out, find out about some energy-efficient upgrades could improve your bottom line.

  • Plumbing parts: How long before they need replacing?

    Several factors influence plumbing life expectancies, including materials, usage and environment. Take a look at the lifespans of several key plumbing elements.

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