Latest Electrical News

  • 3 times you shouldn't DIY

    Dreaming of opening up your home' floor plan? Before you grab your sledgehammer, review this list of projects you shouldn't tackle on your own.

  • Your home electrical system: how long can it last?

    Many components in your home's electrical system will wear out over time. Here is a look at what kind of longevity you can expect from your power system.

  • Home lighting emerges from the dark ages

    The incandescent light bulb made gaslight and candles obsolete, but now it, too, has been replaced. Today's energy-efficient products last longer, are cheaper to operate and give you more lighting choices.

  • Rambler reno: open plan at '60s prices?

    Is your 1960s rambler stuck in the '60s? What would it cost you today at '60s prices adjusted for inflation to add a modern great room -- with and without contemporary bells and whistles?

  • 10 top DIY no-nos found by electrical inspectors

    Some homeowners are confident enough to handle their own wiring, even though they shouldn't be. While simple wiring tasks can be a DIY job, the more complicated (and dangerous) tasks are not. This list sheds light on 10 code problems that inspectors commonly find.

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