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  • 9 steps for a (nearly) hassle-free move

    An experienced mover shares tips that can simplify the experience whether you are going a short distance or heading across the country.

  • Are you ready for your region's worst weather?

    Natural disasters can happen anywhere. Knowing what to do when one hits your area is the key to making sure you and your family stay safe, even during the worst of times.

  • 5 funniest home mishaps from the movies

    Renovation accidents aren't funny - unless they're in your favorite films. These funny mishaps in some of the most iconic movies can give you a chuckle as you wrestle with your own renovation plans.

  • 10 home improvements that can really hurt

    You wanted to try out DIY to save some money - but now you're in the emergency room, cursing yourself for the mistake that landed you there. Here are the 10 home improvement projects most likely to land you in stitches.

  • Home upgrades to save big money

    Saving energy and saving money can go hand-in hand. The trick lies in figuring out where the majority of your energy goes and how to reduce that footprint. Here are a few easy ways to do it.

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