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  • 10 must-dos before moving

    You made it through the house closing and you're preparing for the big move. Now put these 10 items on your must-do list before loading the truck.

  • Creative bath remodel: DIY or hire a pro?

    Though your bathroom remodel ideas might involve DIY work, sometimes you need to hire a pro to get things done. Here's what you should be able to tackle on your own, and what requires outside help.

  • Skip the DIY for these home upgrades

    Attempting to do it yourself can be tempting, especially for high-dollar home upgrades. But there are times when DIY could actually get you into hot water. Here's when to call in the pros.

  • House sounds that should worry you

    Most home concerns are pretty simple to solve, but some of the sounds your home makes should make you sit up and pay attention. Here are the noises that mean your house is trying to tell you something.

  • Top home design trends for 2015

    What's hot in 2015? These design trends are expected to be the most coveted by homeowners throughout the U.S. If you want your home to look cutting-edge, here's how to make it happen.

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