Latest Deck News

  • Home upgrades buyers demand in 2015

    If you want to sell your home in 2015, these home upgrades can help. From inexpensive to spending a pretty penny, this list of home improvements offers something for anyone who wants to unload their property this year.

  • What's new in building materials: consider these for your next remodel

    Planning a remodeling project for the near future? New building materials are introduced almost every day -- here are five that might improve your home's energy efficiency, be a little more eco-friendly, or keep it up to date with current style trends.

  • Backyard living: 7 smart design trends for 2013

    Spring is officially here, and there's no better time to get your deck and patio ready for outdoor fun. Check out these deck and patio trends that you can make come to life -- even on a budget.

  • Deck Styles And Layouts

    There are deck styles and layouts that can fit any budget or lifestyle--classic, classic plus or modern are three popular styles. The type of deck you chose should fit your lifestyle and budget. Find out which deck plans might work best for your home.

  • How To Paint Or Stain A Deck

    Exterior decks need protection. The decision of whether to paint or stain a wood deck depends on the look you're going for, the type of wood, and the current condition of the deck. Learn the right way to paint or stain a deck and find out what precautions you should take to achieve a professional result.

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