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  • Easy kitchen remodel ideas to give you a new look before fall

    Are you tired of looking at your worn kitchen? It's time for an upgrade! These cheap kitchen remodel ideas let you have a whole new look without all the expense.

  • Water woes: how appliances impact H2O usage

    With all the water-saving appliances available, it's easier than ever to reduce your water waste. And just how much water are we really using every day? Tons. Literally.

  • Why replace appliances that work?

    Your kitchen appliances don't need to be beyond repair for you to replace them. Whether you're selling your home soon or you plan to stay, see what a kitchen designer recommends for return on investment and personalization.

  • The 2013 holiday kitchen gift guide

    If you need a gift for the cook or baker in your life, or if you're a foodie writing out a holiday wish list, find out which kitchen appliances should take the top spots in your search.

  • Remodeling grandma's kitchen: what you'd pay today

    Your kitchen might look surprisingly similar to your grandmother's kitchen -- or not -- but one thing is certain; costs have skyrocketed over the years. What's different about today's kitchen's and why the big price tag?

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