Latest Appliance News

  • The stainless steel appliance: Is it avocado yet?

    Is the reign of stainless steel kitchen appliances ever going to end? The debate rages on while manufacturers, distributors, real estate agents, interior designers, and homeowners hedge their bets.

  • Home trends through the decades

    If you have a dated appliance or walls that haven't been repainted since the house was built, fear not. What you have was once the most popular style available. Take a look back at hot and trendy home improvements from the 1950s through the 2000s.

  • How our homes can help us stop wasting water

    With drought conditions impacting a huge percentage of the U.S., we all need to do our part to conserve water. Here's how your house can help you use less H2O.

  • Easy kitchen remodel ideas to give you a new look before fall

    Are you tired of looking at your worn kitchen? It's time for an upgrade! These cheap kitchen remodel ideas let you have a whole new look without all the expense.

  • Water woes: how appliances impact H2O usage

    With all the water-saving appliances available, it's easier than ever to reduce your water waste. And just how much water are we really using every day? Tons. Literally.

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