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  • Is your home telling you to remodel?

    Want to upgrade your roofing to a metal roof, get replacement windows or change out your kitchen appliances? These guidelines can help you decide when it's time.

  • Rest easy: 4 ways to streamline home life

    Can't find enough hours in your day to get everything done? Then make your home work harder for you. These four strategies can make home life more relaxing at the end of the day.

  • Top home improvements that offer big bang for your buck

    The best home improvements not only make your home beautiful and comfortable; they also pay for themselves in the long run. Here are a few sure-fire home improvements that are kind to your bank account.

  • Affordable kitchen remodel ideas for upscale results

    You have less than $20,000 to make your kitchen remodel ideas come true, but the kitchen of your dreams might cost tens of thousands more. Follow these creative kitchen remodel ideas for fashionable results on a tight budget.

  • Home updates to beat the winter blues

    Winter got you down? Turn that cabin fever into action by tackling these cold-weather upgrades. You'll stay toasty warm while you transform your home -- what better way to shake off the blues?

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