Home Improvement Ideas and Inspiration

Home Improvement Ideas and Inspiration

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    5 high-efficiency homebuilding trends

    Ultra efficient, high-performance homes are the latest trend in new construction. If you're building or remodeling, consider these cutting-edge techniques.

  • 4 considerations when home-buying on a fixed income

    For people on a fixed income, it's critical to consider potential maintenance and utility use. Think about the following issues, and factor them into your decision-making process when selecting your next home.

  • 5 home improvements make good roommates

    Renting space to a roommate can go a long way toward helping you reach some of your financial goals. Set yourself up for success with these home improvements.

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  • While installing your own shingles is a job that should be limited to only the most advanced DIYers, this guide explains how it can be done.

  • Whether hollow core, solid core, metal clad or fiberglass, a door is not just a door. Construction methods, door materials and price, have extreme variation. Read this guide to understand the various options for door construction and materials.

  • Learn which components comprise your roofing system and how they function. Download this guide to discover how all the materials work together to keep the inside of your home cozy and dry.

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